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Shawnee Starr -Marland Road – Small Town Girl Turned International Business Woman

Shawnee Starr is a proud mother of 3. Her boys Pax, Caden, and McCoy Huckstep were born and raised in Colorado Springs and enjoy playing sports like Football, Basketball, and [...]

2023-06-21T07:44:38-06:00December 3, 2020|

Showcase Story KRDO: Colorado Springs woman adapts new lifestyle following breast cancer diagnosis

After being a senior executive in an international company for many years, Shawnee Starr was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thus forcing her to put her health first. She had to [...]

2023-06-21T07:44:40-06:00September 4, 2020|

Showcase Story Fox 21 News: Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Colorado Springs woman fights back.

During a routine doctor’s visit. Shawnee Starr was sent to get a mammogram after the doctor noticed an oddity in her breast. From blissful ignorance to desolate worrying, soon the [...]

2023-06-21T07:44:41-06:00October 16, 2019|
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