Dr. Predrag Pavlovic, DO

Dr. Pavlovic’s unique perspective is not on healing the symptoms of illness or disease rather treating the individual as a whole.

Being raised in Europe gave Dr. Pavlovic a unique opportunity to embrace a natural approach to medicine and food, where most of the foods were farm-to-table. He found himself a refugee in North America as a young adult, fleeing his homeland due to civil unrest. His hardships fueled his passion for helping others live a better life. With a passion for holistic medicine, he applied and was accepted into Chiropractic College, followed by University of North Texas medical school, where he graduated as a Doctor of Osteopathy. As a show of gratitude for the freedoms afforded to him in the U.S., Dr. Pavlovic joined the U.S. Navy, where he honed his skills as an M.D.

Dr. Pavlovic’s unique perspective is not on healing the symptoms of illness or disease rather treating the individual as a whole. As a Hospice Director and Hospitalist, he has seen too clearly the adverse effects of ignoring the body and just treating symptom after symptom. He has seen too clearly the detrimental effect of the Standard American Diet and the non-comprehensive holistic approach to medicine that most Americans receive. Dr. Pavlovic believes that knowledge is power. He has been quoted saying, “Information and experience become knowledge and should be passed on.” Putting into practice what he believes, Dr. Pavlovic treats each patient and their health as an opportunity to do an in-depth analysis. This allows them to work as a team to discover the root cause of any medical condition so he can impart the necessary knowledge, giving his patients the ability to thrive.

Dr. Pavlovics’s treatment methods include hormone optimization, nutritional absorption, and cellular energy maximization that help with overall health. Using the science of epigenetics, the nuances of blood typing, and customized nutritional plans, Dr. Pavlovic helps his patients reduce toxic exposure. This, in turn, reduces inflammation, resets their metabolism, reduces and eliminates pain, fosters better sleep, improves mental acuity, be more energized, and overall rejuvenate their lives.

Dr. Pavlovic is at the forefront of his field with his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and continuing education on the latest cutting-edge technologies available. He has a love of reading and learning about the latest in medicine. What sets Dr. Pavlovic apart from his peers is his compassion and empathy, which he gives to each patient he treats, so they can discover what they need to live a life of longevity.