We know you have questions, so we have developed our Longevity FAQ as the go-to destination for finding answers to specific questions of functional medicine and the specialized and unique care structure for our patients.

Unfortunately, insurance regulations do not allow us to offer the level of care that we feel passionate about providing.

Therefore, Longevity is no longer taking insurance.  We have moved to a cash-pay model and have discount programs through our membership programs.

Our Headquarters and clinic is located at 1624 S 21st Street in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904. We take virtual patients across the United States and globally for coaching consultations. All our appointments are also available via telemedicine. Testing kits can be mailed to your home and most can be self-administered in the privacy of your home. The blood tests can be taken at most blood draw centers across the world. We will send you everything you need to test and mail the samples in for evaluation.

Physician appointments must be seen in Colorado for all new patients. Follow up appointments can be administered via telemedicine from anywhere around the globe. We can ship the tests direct to your home. We can help you find testing in most countries across the world as well. We can coach you anywhere around the globe. All follow ups can be done via telemedicine from anywhere in the world.

Following your Fun Sculpting procedure, you will see a generalized improvement in the contour of the treated area. The vibration of the Fun Sculpting device gently removes the fat while keeping the connective tissue, nerves and glood vessels intact. It also helps to stimulate the production of collagen (natural skin tightening) up to six months post treatment.

Excessive skin folds with large volumes of fat removed often tighten up considerably during the recovery period and most patients have excellent results with Fun Sculpting alone (it is without tummy tuck surgery). However, irregularities in the skin present before the procedure (such as stretch marks) will not necessarily will be improved with your high-definition body contouring procedure.

During the procedure, you could experience a little pain.  After a procedure, most patients experience some pain and describe the recovery as comparable to the soreness felt after multiple extensive workouts. Each case is different in discomfort level depending on the areas treated and the pain tolerance levels of each patient.

No, after your treatment, the fat cells will never regenerate in the treated area. There are two types of fat. Adipose fat, between the skin and muscle. This is the fat we are able to extract during the procedure.

The second type of fat is called visceral fat which is below the muscles to protect the body organs. This  is not able to be treated in this procedure, however it can be treated with our HIFEM sculpting after the Fun Sculpting procedrue.  In addition the sculpting, we recommend a healthy diet and exercise as a lifelong lifestyle .  If a healthy diet and exercise is not followed, the fat deposits could go to other areas of the body not treated, such as arms, neck, or any other area not treated.

Longevity offers holistic approach with  a combination of traditional, functional, complimentary, and culinary medicine. We help our clients focus on optimally functioning of the body and its organs. We integrate these different approaches to medicine through our practice to focuses on root causes of diseases. Further, we focus on interactions between the environment, gastrointestinal, endocrine, immune systems, and genetics to develop individualized treatment plans for patients. Each documented symptom or present differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness.

Based upon your discussion with your doctor, the recommended tests will be prescribed. The tests will be shipped to your home and you will receive instructions on how to complete them and mail them in. If you have any questions your may reach out to one of our Patient Advocates for guidance. Generally tests are completed within the privacy of your home and require samples to be taken such as saliva, urine, or stool. Some tests require blood draws and can be taken at testing centers across the nation.

Each test has a difference response time. The average is 1-6 weeks depending on which tests are ordered. Once the tests are received back then we will contact you for a follow up meeting with your physician to deliver your results and recommendations. Your recommendations will be given from the physician to the Wellness Coach who will work with you create a health ladder and roadmap for implementation.

We help our clients create an individual health ladder and roadmap to improve immunity and achieve a healthier life. We have an integrated team of physicians, nutritionists, health coaches, physical therapists and mental health professionals to guide our clients to reach optimal health in our 6 pillars of longevity.

  • We offer the advanced specialty testing needed to get to the root cause of  symptoms to assist with healing.
  • We look at the root cause of issues with personalized care to treat the whole body.
  • We take the time to learn about clients and through intake and follow ups to ensure we are addressing root causes and health, not just the present symptoms.
  • We offer ongoing Health and Life Coaching to help our clients find cost and time efficient ways to implement lifestyle changes.
  • We offer ongoing Nutritional Coaching and IV Nutritional therapies to help our clients heal through nutrition.
  • We help our clients with the Mind Body connection through Social work, case management as well as Neuromuscular massage, reiki, yoga, and traditional massage.
Longevity has our own supplements and they can be purchased online or in our clinic.   We also work with Full Scripts to get you high quality supplements delivered directly to your door.  Visit our store for our full line of supplements.

This package will apply multiple approaches to help you reduce inflammation which is the root cause of so many dysfunctions. This package includes our infrared treatments, Bio-frequency PEMF, Rife therapy, and foot soaks all focused on a general cleanse, immune building, elimination of toxins, and a general body tune up. This package is good for anyone who needs to eliminate toxins, cleanse to assist with healing, pain, and inflammation. We will customize a plan that is best for you that includes one treatment per week or 4 per month -your preference.