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Functional Medicine Consultations at Longevity

Functional medicine looks at your health in depth and it takes time for the team to analyze comprehensive testing, investigate complex issues, look at nutritional deficiencies, customize supplements, develop nutritional recommendations, and personalize your roadmap to better health. This time of our highly trained and experienced medical staff is our most valuable asset for your health.

Dr. Pavlovic and his team are committed to providing our clients with top-notch care. Functional medicine consultations offer our clients a deeper dive into health down to the cellular level. We look at gut health, genetics, toxic burden, and hormone regulation while considering your lifestyle, health history, and symptoms. If you have multiple health concerns or have been told by other providers “you’re fine” but still have symptoms, our approach would be the best way to heal. This is also a great option for anyone with auto-immune conditions, cancer, metabolic disease, or for people who are struggling with stubborn body fat. Longevity care clinic recommends a hybrid model of functional, holistic, and Western medicine to offer comprehensive wellness and root cause analysis care to our customers.

Functional Medicine at Longevity with a Membership.

Many of us have insurance and want to utilize its benefits; however, insurance does not cover most of what Functional Medicine provides. With our Membership programs, you can have the care you deserve at a manageable cost at Longevity.

Our Signature Membership is great for general wellness, detoxification, and access to all therapies at Longevity. We give members a 25% discount on all provider visits, Comprehensive Body scans, weekly vitamin shots, monthly pelvic strengthening, PEMF with Infrared, and Ionic detoxifying foot soaks. Members can schedule provider appointments with Dr. Pavlovic and his team.

What to expect?
Before your appointment, you will receive a link to our secure electronic health records system to upload your medical history. At your first appointment, you will arrive 30 minutes before your appointment to do the initial intake. During Intake, you will get a 3D body scan, EKG, and all intake completed with our medical staff before visiting your provider. You can expect 30/60 minutes with the provider to review all current medications and supplements and your health history, depending on the time you scheduled with the provider. Please fast for at least 8 hours before the visit with drinking water only, as we can draw labs on your first visit. After you consult with the provider, you will make a follow-up appointment for a lab review. You will likely be recommended to see our Certified Nutritionist for an extensive nutritional review and counseling. We recommend new patient appointments be scheduled for at least 60 minutes and 90 minutes for more complex patients.

What about Payment?
Your credit card information will be collected and on file. After your initial consultation, you can determine if you want to run your card for the cash pay price of the appointment or purchase one of our memberships. We will provide a 25% discount on your new patient appointment if you purchase a membership. We will also provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Signature Membership

  • 3D Body Scans (available quarterly)
  • Vitamin B Shots (available weekly)
  • Pelvic Chair (available monthly)
  • PEMF with Infrared (available monthly)
  • Ionic Foot Soak (available monthly)
  • Master Class (available monthly)
  • Members-Only Discounts on many more in-clinic services.
  • … and Much More!

Established Patients – Follow Up Appointments

Established patients can use the form to schedule follow-up appointments* directly with the clinic.

We can accommodate in-person and Telehealth visits.
(*-subject to availability and cash-visit pricing)