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From detoxing plans, IV nutrition, cellular regeneration, aesthetic medicine, and comprehensive wellness programs, we have the treatments that are right for you.

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One clinic. Everything you need.

Changing your health and wellness on your own feels next to impossible. That’s why we’ve built a team of world-class caregivers who can give you the plan, treatments, and support you need on your journey to health.

Combined expertise means results for you.

Using approaches like:

Holistic medicine

Traditional medicine

Lifestyle medicine


Aesthetic Medicine

Women’s Health

Physical medicine

Healing at the cellular level

Examining the health of your gut microbiome

Revitalizing your metabolism

Functional Medicine

Functional Gynocology

Balancing hormones

Detox therapies

Relaxation therapies

Exercise science

Chiropractic Care

Vaginal Rejuvenation

And more!

Your providers will mentor you in all aspects of your life so you can take control of your health and enjoy a long and healthy life.

“I learned so much during my visit to Longevity. The infrared treatment was magical and I can’t wait to start my green smoothie regimen. Dr. P and Shawnee are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I’ll definitely be coming back.”

Kerry S.

Conditions We Treat

A wide range of conditions can impact your health and slow you down. No matter your diagnosis, our combination of healing treatments will go deeper so you can treat your health issue at the source and overcome common accompanying complaints like:

Lack of energy

Sleep issues

Depressed mood

Thyroid Disease


Lack of libido

Poor digestion

Lowered immunity

Heart Disease

Hormonal Imbalances

Weight gain

Brain fog


Immune Condition


Healing Therapies

We’re excited to offer you a variety of treatment options to help you feel better, reduce stress, increase cellular regeneration, improve nutritional absorption, decrease pain, balance weight, improve immunity, look your best, and emerge confident in your longevity.

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Treat your whole body through your ears. This form of acupressure can help relieve allergies, pain, infectious diseases, functional disorders, chronic disease, endocrine system disorders, and much more.

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A Bio Facelift is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique with a variety of aesthetic benefits. This type of aesthetic procedure uses biofrequency/microcurrents to trigger optimal chemical reactions at the skin’s cellular level. This treatment is not only painless but also relaxing and provides great results.

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Feel like yourself again. Whether you’re working to avoid cancer recurrence, replace hormones after menopause, or relieve other symptoms, working with your physician, we’ll help curate the right protocol to balance your hormones and keep you healthy long term.

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Out with the bad while protecting the good! Using unique frequencies, this method kills viruses and rebalances the cells in your kidneys and blood, builds up your immune system, and stimulates your thyroid or adrenals, all while protecting your healthy cells.

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Botox, also known as botulinum toxin, is a prescription-grade medicine that is injected into muscles, primarily facial muscles, to improve the appearance of forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines. In simple words, Botox temporarily relaxes/paralyzes the facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles.

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Stimulate healing! Using low levels of light, cold laser therapy helps damaged tissue to regenerate in a painless and non-invasive setting. Perfect for minor injuries and sprains, inflammation, aches and pains, and even skin rejuvenation.

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Dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected just beneath the skin to restore lost volume, fill unwanted facial wrinkles, soften creases, and enhance facial contours. Fillers are often used to plump up the lips & cheekbones and to reduce the appearance of a double chin. Fillers typically last for about a year and dissolve on their own.

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Dry needling and acupuncture involve the insertion of very tiny needles into specific parts of the body, most commonly pressure points. Acupuncture is a key component of Chinese medicine and is specifically used to target pain. In addition to relieving pain, it also helps decrease stress levels and improves overall wellness.

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Gynecology at Longevity

Here atLongevity, we treat women and their partners from adolescence through the golden years for routine preventative care, as well as for all manner of problem visits. We have state of the art equipment and training to attend to your health needs, with a focus on sexual and hormonal wellness for women and men. We offer onsite blood draws, hormone testing, and the latest in laser therapies. We are Colorado Springs number one choice as experts in bio-identical hormones and pellet therapy.

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Power up your cells and help your body heal. Using special low-level lasers, infrared light therapy energizes your cells and fights inflammation, giving you benefits that range from healing skin damage to increasing energy to helping you sleep better.

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Rid your body of damaging toxins. Using himalayan salt, copper tubs, low current, and essential oils, these relaxing foot baths help your body detoxify, improve circulation, reduce stress, improve joint stiffness, and more.

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Get the nutrients your body needs…fast. Under the direction of your physician, whether you need an immunity boost, performance boost, inflammation buster, or more, we can deliver what you need directly to your veins, getting fast and effective results.

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Reduce your pain and increase your mobility. Using soft tissue and joint manipulation, your physician will correct misalignments that are causing pain and inflammation. This relieves back and neck pain, sports injuries, and repetitive stress injuries.

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Recover faster—even from broken bones! Pulsed electromagnetic therapy uses electromagnetic fields to heal fractures (bones and soft tissue) and reduce inflammation. It also can help balance your immune system, relax your muscles, reduce stress, and more.

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Improve your health and wellbeing in a comforting, non-invasive manner. Using therapeutic sounds and music, sound therapy can help you relax and reduce stress to ease your mind, energize your spirit, and empower your health.

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Our Providers

Working as an integrated team, we’ll help treat you and your health while providing continuous support.


Discover the internal components of your health trajectory. Using genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors, we’ll analyze the data to help you create a personalized treatment plan.

Biochemical Nutritionist

Learn about the impact nutrition can have on your body. Your nutritionist will help you understand how to get the most out of what you eat.

Health Coach

Resist the pull to old routines and former habits. Your health coach will empower you to make lasting changes that fit your life, on your terms.

Massage Therapist

Reset your body to its optimal state. Your massage therapist will help you improve circulation, reduce inflammation and pain, and improve your range of motion.

Patient Advocate

We know how overwhelming big life changes can be. That’s why your advocate will help you with appointments, treatment, and payment options.

Motivational Educator

Navigating through serious illness for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming. Our Motivational Educator helps you organize your life with helpful education and resources to implement your lifestyle transformation.

Take Control of Your Life and Health

We’re here to help you reach your goals.

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