Weight Loss -Understanding your Metabolism and Hormones

Weight Loss for Women:

Restore and Rebalance your metabolism with the Metabolic Renewal Program where we address your sleep, hunger, mood, energy, and cravings and create a vitality score, PMS score, menopause score.  We use these scores along with your hormone assessment to customize a plan exactly for you.

If your hormones are misaligned, Insulin and estrogen may BOTH be telling your body to store more fat. While your thyroid hormones and cortisol may BOTH telling your body not to burn fat.

Are your hormones aligned for fat burning or fat storage?   Let us help you figure it out.

Are your workouts aligned for burning fat or decreasing your metabolism?   Let us help you.

Is your nutrition increasing or decreasing your metabolism?   Let’s create a comprehensive plan for you!

Free Initial Consultation With Your Wellness Coach.

  • Personalized ongoing support for weight loss in person or via virtual calls with your physician.
  • Supported by comprehensive metabolic and hormonal testing, nutrient absorption testing, guidelines and tools prescribed by your physician.
  • Developed and endorsed by physicians.
  • Dedicated coaches provide individualized monthly support sessions and ongoing education.
  • Exclusively available from approved healthcare professionals and trained coaches.
  • With the Longevity, you will not only see results, but also be provided with valuable hormonal and nutrition knowledge to help you sustain your results on a long-term basis.

7 Day Detox

Get the Longevity 7 day Detox Program to detox and improve your immunity. This program is recommended for clients focused on prevention and recovery from diseases or chronic conditions. We live in a toxic world and most of us have toxins in our body such as metals, pesticides, and plastics that cause the endocrine system to quit functioning properly. This program is great for helping your body get rid of these unwanted endocrine disruptors.

5 Day Fast

This is a natural vegan protein powder, a medical grade MCT oil, and mixture of powdered greens along with a shopping list of specific vegetables spices and drinks. Often people feel increased energy immediately and more mental clarity. It helps kill sick and damaged cells and reduce inflammation allowing your immune system to function properly and primes your endocrine system to release unwanted toxins and fat.

28 Day Weight Loss

This combination of natural supplements help to reduce hunger and decrease fat absorption. This 28 program helps you commit to enough time to alter the amount of food consumed at each meal and adjust your diet to healthier options. This program helps people start losing weight by reducing hunger and unhealthy fat absorption.