We are always looking for great Partners.

Longevity is a Lifestyle Transformation Company. We coach and mentor clients on transforming their health through our E3 (Evaluate, Educate, and Empower) methodology. We focus on six pillars of longevity and provide recommendations for how to integrate a proactive approach to wellness into everyday life. We are always looking for quality providers committed to the health and wellness of their clients to join our community of resources. We have 2 types of partners

  1. Practice Partners – Longevity has the established administrative and technical infrastructure and processes to manage practices of General/Functional Medicine providers who want to practice with Longevity. Our model allows physicians and health workers to focus on practicing medicine while we support the lifestyle transformations.
  2. Community Partners – We are continually building our customer portal with resources for therapies, treatments, specialists, and products helpful in managing a healthy lifestyle. There is no cost to be on our portal and we don’t charge for referrals. We are integrating the amazing resources available so our clients succeed in their transformations.

If you are interested in learning more about how to integrate one or more of the six pillars of longevity into your current practice, please fill out the form.