Culinary Medicine

3 Days | Healing | Immunity

The Culinary Medicine/Immunity Boosting Retreat will include nutrition and food allergy education along with a detailed discussion regarding intolerances, nutritional absorption, and recommendations for how to strengthen immunity through food. The Retreat will focus on the three keys to unlocking the dietary and immune balance success with Culinary Medicine / Immune Boosting Retreat. The three keys are bioavailability, avoiding bad nutrients and achieving satiety. You will learn about micronutrients, pre-biotics, pro-biotics, and much more.  You will be taught hands-on all these keys and how they relate to proper nutrition.

The first key involves getting the most out of the best foods making them bioavailable, the second key of culinary medicine is avoiding anti-nutrients which are foods that have been genetically modified. The third key is satiety is that you should feel satisfied and gratified, not overly full, yet you do not want to feel deprived or hungry after a meal. You do not want to feel deprived or hungry after a meal. By cooking with science, our recipes will integrate into your personalized nutrition and keep it simple – fewer ingredients with each meal and less than 30 minutes to cook. Restore your well-being with the Culinary Medicine retreat and learn how to make food that is body ready, fully satisfying, and delicious.

The essence of Culinary Medicine is the healing power of food, make it more pleasurable, fun, easy and add energy to your life. This seminar will introduce you to foods that will build, and boost and support your immune system to help you stay healthy. A whole new world of great food, great times and great health awaits you!