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Summer is coming. Let’s prepare our best selves for fun, activities, and swimsuits.  HD Body Contouring utilizes minimally invasive same-day fat removal to safely and precisely remove unwanted fat. The fat is removed, the skin tightens, and patients are back to work in 24-48 hours! Sculpting is used to tone and strengthen muscles to produce beautifully defined muscles. The perfect combination for summer!

Minimally invasive, safe, appropriate for all skin tones, and requires little downtime.

High Definition Body Contouring uses gentle vibration to increase patient comfort, decrease procedure time, increase skin tightening and improve the smoothness of results over other liposuction technologies.

  • Treat skin laxity and sagging.
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Tighten the face and neck
  • Minimal downtime
  • Non-surgical Gentle Vibration
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Increased safety
  • Less downtime than other modalities
  • Smoother, more beautiful results
  • No general anesthesia needed
  • No risk of burns
  • Superior re-adaptation of skin/mechanical skin tightening than other modalities on the market
  • Respects tissue integrity which helps to create excellent skin tightening.

HD Body Contouring uses the patented Fun Sculpting technology, an innovative skin tightening and volume reduction treatment that uses the power of a precision probe to boost collagen production and provide natural-looking results, unwinding the clock.

Fun Sculpting is the only liposuction system that utilizes vibration. This vibrating arc gently dislodges the fat while leaving intact the nerve endings, fascia bands, and blood vessels. The vibrating cannula does not freeze, rip, or tear the tissues allowing increased safety and much faster healing. The cell viability of the fat is maintained as one of the most critical factors in a thriving natural fat transfer. In addition, the vibration disrupts the ascending nerve impulses to the brain, acting much like a TENS unit. This allows a much lower amount of lidocaine to be used.

Following your High Definition of Body Contouring procedure, you will see a generalized improvement in the contour of the treated area. The vibration of the Fun Sculpting device gently removes the fat while keeping the connected tissue, nerves, and vascular bundles intact. It also helps to stimulate the production of collagen (natural skin tightening) up to six months post-treatment.

Excessive skin folds with large volumes of fat removed often tighten up considerably during recovery. Most patients have excellent results with High Definition Body Contouring alone (it is without tummy tuck surgery). However, irregularities in the skin present before the procedure (such as stretch marks) will not necessarily be improved with your liposuction procedure.

One Precision HD Body Sculpt and six weeks of sculpting for $3999! Safe, simple, and lasting results with no risk of complications related to silicone and plastics.

Six weeks of Sculpting – 30 minutes a week for six weeks, your muscles will tone more.

Each of the Six EMSCULPT for TUMMY or TUSH — build muscle, strengthen, reduce fat — this is the procedure used by JLo, the Kardashians / Jenners, and Lady Gaga to reach their next level, secret sauce goals. The equivalent of 20,000 crunches or squats in one 30-minute procedure with zero downtime.

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