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As we are in the entire summer, it’s time to spruce up and correct deferred maintenance and summer outings where sunscreen never made it out of the bag… so this special is all about quick but HIGH POWERED and TOP SHELF pick-me-ups to improve the complexion.

If you only do one thing for yourself this season, do this. Amazing cost, high impact.

  • CO2 Regeneration
  • PRP Facial

Today’s Goodie Bag is a fun way to try several perfecting procedures — and get yourself some WONDERFUL results to get you primed and ready.

Regular Price $670. The special price is $499, and EVERYTHING shown is included.

Private Sale. Existing Clients Only.

The top science-based, proven, and guaranteed aesthetic procedures in a friendly and non-intimidating environment, all with pricing for mere mortals:

This is Anti-aging on YOUR terms.

If you’ve received this email, you qualify for our private, existing clients-only SALE with Private Sale Pricing.

New to GOODIE BAGS? They’re a brilliant way to sample and enjoy a variety of procedures and spectacularly priced perks for EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY. No substitutions are allowed as the Goodie Bags have been carefully designed to present various options at break-even pricing. ONE per client, please.

It is both a joy and a privilege to be on this journey with you!!

Fall in Love with your FACE! Everything Listed is INCLUDED — No Substitutions,

PRP Facial:

  • smooth tone and texture,
  • release fine lines and wrinkles,
  • release under-eye crepe for that smooth under-eye finish,
  • brighten,
  • reduce pore appearance,
  • release lip lines and crepe
  • filtered look without the filter.
  • The effects are a must-have to elevate your skin to the finish line. I want each of you to try this so badly. Over $1250 procedure — We use your platelets and embrace your natural healing for the best results. Check out online pricing. Seriously.

INCLUDES: Co2 Lift Pro to regenerate the skin.

This is a FUN no downtime option to make skin glow for about four weeks.

  • PRO-TIP: This therapy can be added to your office visit for just about any procedure for improved results).

Regular Price $1470. Goodie Bag Price $899

Private Sale Terms: As always, products and services purchased will have no expiration date. The standard 24-hour cancellation policy applies. Sale prices are nonrefundable but are fully transferable and exchangeable.

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