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A his and hers EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL! Have you noticed your sex-life fading with age? Rejuvenate your sexual experience with platelet rich plasma injections for BOTH! This special is LGBTQ+ friendly!

About Platelet Rich Plasma
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment that has been used around the world in regenerative medicine. Not only does PRP heal joint pain, mobility, strength but it has a valued place in sexual health.

At the clinic, we start with a simple blood draw from your arm. We then process the blood, and extract and condense the platelets and suspend them in clarified plasma. After the PRP is ready, we will inject it into the desired area.

  • For him: P the P-shot, or Priapus shot, is a safe and effective treatment for men. The platelets relay signals to the body to then send healing growth factors to the injection sites. For men, this improves erection quality, tissue strength, tactile sensation, and can increase girth and length.
  • For her: Working in the same fashion, we use the O-Shot technique for women. This procedure tightens the vaginal canal, increases natural lubrication, improves sensation and quality of orgasm, and can treat urinary incontinence!

What are you waiting for?! Don’t miss out on this incredible deal and buy today!

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