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Get him the gift of energy, mental clarity, restful sleep, and a renewed erection! Add on Abs and this is a full revamp package. Enjoy!

Hormone Therapy, AWT, O-Chair, HD Body Contouring, and Sculpting

Yeah. It’s happening. 

New to Longeivty? What is the February Special that all the men are excited about? Buy one for your husband, dad, son, and yourself! The best Valentine’s gift ever…

Longevity is encouraging romance and this month’s offer is absolutely exceptional. These therapies are near and dear to my heart and I am so honored and excited to be able to provide it to you at a fabulous price. You won’t see this quality for this price anywhere else.

  • This is a 1month ONLINE sale only for mailing list only.
  • If you’ve received this email, then you qualify to purchase.
  • This deal is not intended to be forwarded to friends and family. If you have friends and family that you think would enjoy this type of sale, you can buy them a treat bag as a gift.

Special worth $4550+ worth of procedures for $1999, seriously, until the end of the month. (Please no substitutions).

This is an INSIDER PERK for EXISTING Mailing list ONLY. If you’ve ever wanted to improve the excitement in the bedroom, and sample some of our most popular therapies effectiveness, here’s your chance at an incredible INSIDER PERK ONLY volume discount price.

Got Questions?

The most common question we get is — “is everything actually included that it says is included?” The answer is YES. If it says its included, it is.

Second question is: what else do I have to purchase or what other expenses are there to have this procedure? None. Everything is included.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and science has our backs. And happy clients.

A bag of the best! Limit, 1 per client. May be gifted. No substitutions, please. Everything listed here IS included.  Enjoy!!

  • One Male Biote Hormone Pelleting. Includes pre and post labwork and procedure. This quick in-office procedure can restore testosterone levels to optimal range and improve sleep, mental clarity, libido, and energy.
  • TWO Acoustic Wave Therapy Sessions to remove any blockages that may be restricing blood flow to the penis. AWT is painless and offers immediate results for erectile dysfunction.
  • THREE sessions in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to regenerate health and healing
  • FOUR weightloss injections to stimulate the matabolism and jumpstart the elimination of viseral fat. Visceral fat is the worst type of fat and our injections have had significant results in clients losing an aveage of 20 pounds over a 4 week period of hard to eliminate fat.
  • FIVE sessions on our Ab Sculpting machines using HIFEM technology. Tone up the muscles
  • SIX sessions on the Emsella O-Chair which helps with proper blood flow in the reproductive areas and helps blood flow to the penis, and colon. This amazing chair restores proper blood flow, strengthens pelvic muscles in men, and overall is the foundation for sexual health.

Reg. Price $4,550, Sale Price $1999 — THIS month only. Everything Included.

As always, products and services purchased will have no expiration date. The regular 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Sale prices are nonrefundable, but are fully transferable and exchangeable.

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