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Sports Injury? Is it time to fix that aching joint? Longevity offers PRP with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to get you back in action!

Want to go on that hike? Ride that bike? Do all the things you used to do without the pain? Then let’s try PRP and Oxygen Therapy.


The top science-based, proven, and guaranteed aesthetic procedures in a friendly and non-intimidating environment, all with pricing for mere mortals:
This is Anti-aging on YOUR terms.

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Joint and Tissue Repair Package

PRP injections treat a list of orthopedic conditions, including knee osteoarthritis, but may also be used on other joints.

PRP injections treat a list of orthopedic conditions.  Platelet-rich plasma and PRP therapy take advantage of the blood’s natural healing properties to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even bone.

Reduce pain, improve joint function, slow, halt, and even repair damage to the cartilage.

What is Plasma?
Plasma is the liquid component of blood; it is mostly water but includes proteins, nutrients, glucose, and antibodies, among other elements.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?
PRP is safe and effective for all skin types and has proven to diminish fine lines, texture, and hyperpigmentation that creep up on us as we age. The results: Younger, smoother-looking skin.

How does it work?
Once you schedule your appointment, you will come into the office, and we will draw your blood. This is then injected into different body areas where you want to see smoother, younger-looking skin. We then place your blood into a centrifuge that isolates the number of growth factors. These growth factors are responsible for collagen production, skin renewal, cell growth, and tissue regeneration.

How is platelet-rich plasma made?
The most common way to prepare PRP involves centrifuging a patient’s blood sample. A vial of blood is placed in a centrifuge, where it is spun at intensely high speeds. The spinning causes the blood to separate into layers:

  • Red blood cells, approximately 45% of blood, are forced to the bottom of the vial.
  • White blood cells and platelets form a thin middle layer, called a buffy coat, which comprises less than 1% of the centrifuged blood.
  • “Platelet-poor” plasma, or plasma with a low concentration of platelets, makes up the remaining top layer, about 55% of the centrifuged blood sample.
  • Once the centrifuge process is complete, the doctor or medical technician will remove the vial from the centrifuge and prepare the PRP solution for injection.

Additional benefits of PRP:

PRP is often called liquid gold for your skin. There are proven benefits of using PRP to restore hair loss! No need to use toxic chemicals for thicker, fuller hair. PRP can treat thinning hair in both men and women with positive results.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Restore Health with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a well-established treatment for many issues.

In a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, the air pressure is increased 2 to 3 times higher than normal air pressure. Under these conditions, your lungs can gather much more oxygen than possible by breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure.

This extra oxygen helps fight bacteria. It also triggers the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.

Minimally invasive, safe, appropriate for all skin tones, and requires little downtime.

Why it’s done:
Your body’s tissues need an adequate supply of oxygen to function. When tissue is injured, it requires even more oxygen to survive. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. With repeated treatments, the temporary extra high oxygen levels encourage normal tissue oxygen levels, even after the therapy is completed.

Everything in your body depends on the brain. It’s the command center of your body – and it craves oxygen. While it makes up only 2% of the body’s mass, the brain uses over 20% of the oxygen we breathe. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at channeling that oxygen, so our organs don’t get the supplies they need to activate their natural regeneration processes.

This is why, as we age, we notice our mind and body “slowing down.” But this doesn’t have to be the case. The latest scientific research into hyperbaric oxygen therapy shows it’s possible to maintain and regain peak physical and mental performance.

Package price $899 for PRP and 4 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber sessions, a $1,200 value.

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