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Revitalize your health in every part of your life. With our methods, you will gain optimal energy, restorative sleep, strengthened immunity, and perfectly balanced hormones. Our comprehensive approach and thorough testing lay the groundwork so you can live your best life in the best of health.

This is anti-aging on YOUR terms. Enjoy the journey.

Valentine My Coochi with O-Chair + O-shot + CO2V Trifecta

VAGINAL REJUVENATION with the Emsella Chair (O-Chair)

  • Resolution of urinary incontinence
  • Reinforced pelvic floor – which is extremely important
  • Exceptional vaginal tightness
  • Considerably more sensitivity
  • Dramatically improved sexual response
  • Renders easier and more intense orgasms
  • Better lubrication
  • Elimination of pain during intercourse
  • Increased pleasure for both partners

These quick therapies are CHANGING LIVES. How do you improve on a nearly 100% response rate? Longevity has the answer with THREE TIMES the treatment.

  • 3 x the treatment, included. The original Longevity non-invasive therapy had ten (10) 30-minute sessions on the O- chair.
  • Urinary control – laugh, sneeze, cough, run…without worrying or pads.
  • Internal and external vaginal tightening.
  • Improved pelvic integrity.
  • Improved sexual sensation and satisfaction for YOU and your partner.
  • 1 in 3 women has urinary incontinence, and reports decreased sexual sensation. It doesn’t have to be you.
  • One procedure. No downtime. No pain.

Pain-free vaginal rejuvenation therapy with no downtime to stop urinary incontinence, significantly tighten the vagina, reinforce the pelvic floor, and increase sensation and sexual satisfaction.
Treatment takes about 30 minutes.

  • No pain. No discomfort. No Downtime. No risk.
  • Performed at Colorado Springs clinic

Longevity Care Clinic is pleased to be a CO2Lift-certified women’s health clinic offering internal and external vaginal tightening. Tightening and rejuvenation are completed in a series of non-invasive visits over six weeks. No procedures, just therapy you can do in all your clothes!

Remember your vagina at 18? You can have that again. Check out the research…


Are you concerned with any of the following?

  • The appearance of the Vaginal area
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Urinary Issues
  • Discomfort during intercourse
  • Vaginal tightness

Discover CO2 LiftV, a painless, effective treatment that, with no downtime, addresses vaginal issues associated with aging, childbearing, and /or stress. Longevity delivers an easy-to-use kit with treatments, mixing, and applicator sticks. Mix the two packets in a bowl, pull them up into the applicator provided, and insert them into the vagina. Leave it on for a minimum of 45 minutes, or leave it on while you sleep. Remove with water after or in the morning. Treatment should be repeated every 5-7 days for 10-15 treatments. Use CO2LiftV once monthly to maintain your results.

In clinical studies, menopausal patients who were experiencing vaginal dryness and dyspareunia reported the following results after ten daily treatments:

  • Increased vaginal lubrication.
  • Aesthetic improvement n the vulva area
  • Enhanced skin tone and elasticity
  • Decreased pain during sexual intercourse
  • Increased sensitivity and sexual pleasure
  • Full study available at luminsque.com”

How does it work?

Transdermal Carboxytherapy is introduced, which promotes the proper penetration of carbon dioxide through the epidermal layer of the skin. The treatment will then naturally stimulate the oxygen molecules in your body to be delivered directly to the area applied. Results can be felt and seen after just 3 applications.

Sexual REJUVENATION with the O-Shot

The O-Shot® – Available at Longevity Care Clinic in Colorado Springs

Longevity is a Certified O-Shot clinic — Ladies — this is a big deal if you’d like a tighter, rejuvenated vagina, vaginal orgasms, clitoral orgasms, stronger orgasms, and to stop bladder leakage in its tracks.

The package includes ten sessions of the O-Chair, 10 CO2 VLift home treatments, and one O-shot (the Orgasm Shot). $1999

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