Looking for a way to fast-track yourself to better health, more endurance, and muscle gains, while lowering your BMI, blood sugar, and blood pressure? Look no further than  Longevity Care Clinic. At our clinic, we utilize the latest technology and techniques to help reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Relax in our spa, nestled in the hills of Colorado Springs, and enjoy the results of health & body transformation using cutting- technology. The first FDA-approved laser treatment that delivers improved muscle tone and lowers your BMI using radiofrequency and HIFEM (high-intensity electromagnetic field) technology. Incredible results with no downtime. This is a non-invasive option to achieve the physic you want when combined with a regime that includes intermittent fasting, cellular rejuvenation, and a strong focus on nutritional absorption. 

Why HiFEM Body Transformation Technology?

The only laser of its type to help both men and women build muscle and lower body fat. This laser technology and regimen are FDA-approved, delivering visible results within eight to twelve weeks of treatment. HIFEM laser body contouring reduces subcutaneous fat by 19% after only four treatments while contemporaneously encouraging muscle growth by 16% for more defined abs and a higher and tighter bottom – depending on which body part you target. This treatment has been shown to help repair diastasis recti, a condition that occurs during pregnancy, where the abdominal wall muscles separate, to help create a flatter, more toned tummy. 

A single session causes over 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30 minutes, something that sit-ups alone or an intense HIIT workout could never accomplish. During these intense muscle contractions, the muscles in the body release a chemical, sending signals that they are being overworked. The fibers tear and then regrow, creating new muscle in the treated area of the body.  The laser also signals fat cells to break down and release free fatty acids. In turn, they get overwhelmed, break down and metabolize. The body then excretes the fat cells as waste. All the while, the targeted muscles in treatment are encouraged to thicken and strengthen. 

HIFEM laser technology protocol creates an almost instantaneous response compared to eating a balanced diet in a calorie deficit for improved overall health and fitness. It is the only technology that helps spot reduce subcutaneous fat and build muscle. This technology guarantees a full body transformation, with results being visible within four weeks from your first treatment. After the first month of staying on protocol, you will notice that you’re feeling better, have lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and have increased muscle tone and endurance. Results vary per person, depending on their commitment to the Longevity protocol. 

Performance Transformation Goals:

  • Achieve the results from four months of HIIT workouts in four to six 30-minute Emscultp sessions
  • Decreased BMI by up to 18%
  • Decreased visceral fat by 30%
  • Reduce body fat up to 30% after six treatments
  • Increase lean muscle mass up to 25% after six treatments
  • It can be used successfully in patients that have a BMI of 35 or lower
  • Receive a personalized treatment plan created uniquely for you at Longevity Care Clinic
  • See visible results in eight to twelve weeks with a recovery rate of 25% quicker than other treatments

What does body contouring feel like? 

Each  30-minute protocol has three phases. The first two are very similar, where the technician will dial up the intensity of the machine, causing the contractions to go from mild and tolerable to an extremely gripping and upward tugging sensation. The third phase is more gentle. You will feel a forceful tapping and mild contraction of the targeted muscles. According to the manufacturer, it feels like an intense workout without the sweat session. 

This is a protocol available to anyone looking for a quick proven method to lower their BMI and increase their fitness, and physic without invasiveness alternatives. The only contraindications are for people with pacemakers or other electronic devices in their bodies or for pregnant women. Schedule an appointment today if you are interested in the latest FDA-approved body contouring technology protocol at Longevity Care Clinic as part of a holistic approach to your health.