Longevity Feel Good Membership 

Wish you felt as good on the inside as you look on the outside?    Ever wish you had more time with a physician who could do an executive assesement and let you know what you can do to feel good?    Get a deeper level of discussion and inquiry into ways to help you feel good!   Meet with our physician for a 2 hours executive assesment to include a nutritional strategy session and a consultation with a nutritionist.   Enjoy discounts on advanced testing, IV nutritional therapy, coaching, supplements.

Longevity Look Good Membership 

Is there such a thing as Optimized Aging?    Wonder how much better you would look if you were able to get rid of toxins while using Aesthetic medicine as well?    Meet our Physician and get a toxic evaluation and individualized Look Good plan created for you.   This include a detox strategy session, toxic testing, and the Detoxificaton and Rejuvination Maintenance program.   Enjoy discounts on advanced testing, IV nutritional therapy, supplements, and aesthetic procedures.

Detox & Rejuvenating  Maintenance Membership

Reduce Inflammation and Relax. Focus on detoxing and healing. This package will apply multiple approaches to help you reduce inflammation with is the root cause of so many dysfunctions. This package includes our infrared treatments, Bio-frequency treatments, PEMF treatments, and foot soaks all focused on a general cleanse, immune building, elimination of toxins, and a general body tune up. This package is good for anyone who needs to eliminate toxins, cleanse  to assist with healing, pain, and inflammation. We will customize a plan that is best for you that includes one treatment per week or 4 per month -your preference.