Body Transformation
is Here!

Ready to look and feel your best? Longevity provides a revolutionary non-invasive treatment for patients who want to build muscle and eliminate fat.*

How Does It Work?

Our program has undergone clinical studies that demonstrate an average 25% increase in muscle and an average 30% decrease of fat in treated areas.

  • Muscle Targeting
    Choose a muscle group to activate: abdomen, glutes, biceps, calves, thighs.

  • Muscle Activation
    Focused electromagnetic energy safely triggers muscle contractions

  • Fat Reduction
    Local fat stores are broken down and metabolized by the body to support muscle contractions.

How does it feel like?

Muscle contractions are induced at a rate comfortable for you, followed by a cooldown period. Sessions are painless, but muscle soreness is expected similar to if you manually contracted the targeted muscle group.

Ready to look your best?

Which area do you want to sculpt?

Female Abs

Butt Lift

Male Abs

Female Biceps

Male Biceps

Frequently Asked Questions