Promoting Holistic Well-being by Taking Care of Your Body and Spirit Throughout the Festive Season

Are you ready for the holiday season? It is that time of the year - full of excitement and joy. However, holistic well-being should be prioritized.

2023-12-06T15:41:32-07:00December 1, 2023|

Spring is here! Out with the old and in with the new, it’s time to revamp your health.

Investing in a healthy lifestyle is more than flipping a switch. Making lasting lifestyle changes is a process that takes time, dedication, and patience. Psychologists have found that it takes [...]

2023-12-06T15:50:15-07:00March 15, 2023|

Reduce stress, relax those muscles, and shake it out softly with Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy.

If you don't happen to have a deadly coronavirus, you've probably had a rough couple of years. According to the American Psychological Association's annual stress in America survey, nearly half [...]

2023-12-06T15:50:06-07:00March 1, 2023|
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