Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22. Rooted in the decade that gave birth to the global environmental movement, Earth Day was created to raise awareness and support for environmental protection worldwide. This day was created 52 years ago to help the environment by encouraging individuals to plant trees and other plants to care for our environment. In 1990 Earth day became a global event, encouraging 200 million people to help with environmental protection and get more serious about recycling.

There are many ways to do your part in creating a better planet. Start growing your vegetables in your backyard or do-it-yourself herb garden. Make your compost from items you already have, starting with a compost bin. Items ideal for composting are dried leaves, egg shells, offcuts of vegetables, coffee grounds, tea bags, and grass trimmings. Making your compost has many benefits; it can prevent soil erosion and assist in stormwater management. Help promote healthier plant growth and reduces waste, helping to combat climate change and improve soil health.

Educate yourself.

We all know we should reduce, reuse, and recycle to leave a better planet behind for our children and siblings. Earth day is a great day to remind us to research and do our part to care for our planet. We must look after our planet and do what we can to save it and preserve the environment and look at ways to better ourselves. We must invest in ourselves as much as we invest in our surroundings. Allow time for self-care, give your skin the CO2Lift treatment, relax, breathe, and laugh! 

When we invest in our health, our immune system will be more robust, allowing our bodies to fight off germs we come in contact with. A healthy lifestyle can lead to a mentally balanced life as well. Studies have shown that those who have healthier lifestyles are known to have more positive well-being and fewer signs of depression. Get rid of the bad while still protecting the good; using the Biofrequency method, which kills viruses and rebalances the cells in your kidneys and blood, builds up your immune system, and stimulates your thyroid or adrenals, will protect your healthy cells.

You may feel that your body is imperfect or can improve in some areas, but you are not alone. Up to 84% of American women experience body dissatisfaction in their lifetimes. It is not easy to love your body when you really don’t. Ask yourself this, why do you want to look different? Ditch the narrative that looking a certain way will make you happier. You deserve to be loved and accepted in this beautiful body, regardless of shape or size. Rid yourself of any negative feeds on social media. You’d be surprised how much getting to know your body better can make it so much easier to love. When you learn self-acceptance, you also realize the beauty all other humans possess, regardless of age or circumstances. You are finding joy in just being and welcoming others’ opinions. Look around and see the circle of life reflected in the beauty rather than seeing others as rivals. Become one, earth, body, and soul.

Just as you need help looking after our beautiful planet, you must take care of yourself, your body, and your mental health. Be patient with yourself. Numerous lifestyle changes, such as getting rid of pollutants, improving sleep, and gut microbiota cleansing, might affect hormones. For many men and women, bioidentical hormones are the best option in conjunction with lifestyle modifications. Using your unique test findings and compounded bioidentical hormones that are carefully dosed based on each client’s particular needs, we assist you in developing personalized strategies and roadmaps. The balance lost due to aging or illness can be restored by Biote therapy. We design the best routine to maintain your long-term health and hormone balance.

Reduce the junk you feed yourself, reuse what you have, and focus on strengthening those areas; recycle by organizing your kitchen and what you allow into your body. You will start experiencing maximum energy, have a rejuvenating sleep, boost immunity, and adequately balance hormones. Live your best life in the best of health.