How often does your GPS tell you to make a u-turn? If yours is anything like mine, not that often. It has another method.

When you are listening to directions, and miss a turn, the GPS doesn’t go back to the past (at least, not always). Instead, it instantly reroutes and proceeds to the destination. It goes forward, the destination doesn’t change, the route does.

In life, we can be the same. We can be like the GPS on our phones and in our cars. Or not. We can look back at all of the things we’ve “missed”, the things we “should have” been or done, and linger on the “if only’s”. If you’ve ever made a pitstop on a journey, you’ll notice that your GPS will wait for you to “proceed to the route”.

Life is the same….the road will wait. It has nowhere to go. But the life that is traveling on that road will pass you by.

We have the choice to “reroute” when we find ourselves off course. To find another path to the intended destination. Sometimes we choose a different destination but nonetheless, the journey continues.

Our past is a series of completed moments, pit stops along the route. There are postcards, pictures, and memories kept safe inside of us. But if we aren’t careful, if we dwell on what has come (or failed to come) before, the bumps in the road, the accidents, and missed exits, our GPS will follow instructions it was given and take us even further off track than we want to be.

Our dominant thoughts are our GPS, our Global Positioning System. You may have noticed that it has no judgement about where you want to go. It will simply take you there. Know your direction and you’ll never be lost. You can be in control of that destination or at the whim of the past. The choice is up to you.

Drive your destiny. Be the GPS. Speak your instructions, talk about it, and look forward to the next leg of the journey.

A Health Coach or Life Coach is the “reroute” guidance that we often need.