April 27th, 2021

Announcing the recipients of the 2021 Titan 100

Titan CEO and headline sponsor Wipfli LLP are pleased to announce Shawnee Starr as a 2021 Titan 100. The Titan 100 program recognizes Colorado’s Top 100 CEO’s & C-level executives. They are the area’s most accomplished business leaders in their industry using criteria that includes demonstrating exceptional leadership, vision and passion.  Collectively the 2021 Titan 100 and their companies employ more than 127,000 individuals and generate over $15.9 billion dollars in annual revenues. This year’s honorees will be published in a limited-edition Titan 100 book and profiled exclusively online. They will be honored at an awards ceremony on July 22, 2021 and will be given the opportunity to interact and connect multiple times throughout the year with their fellow Titans.

“We proudly recognize the Titan 100 for their achievements and contributions to Colorado’s business community and beyond. This past year, these executives were forced to navigate the daunting effects of a worldwide pandemic and their leadership was tested. The Titan100 have proven their ability to adapt, innovate and grow. We congratulate this year’s list of prestigious honorees.” says Jaime Zawmon, President of Titan CEO.

Shawnee Starr is the founder and CEO of the TechWise Group of Companies.  She has combined her skills at analytical problem solving and her passion for building high performing teams to create an International Group of Companies helping both defense and commercial companies improve performance.  She has led teams across the world focused on analyzing problems related to capability development, corporate efficiencies, human learning, and retention. Her companies have delivered on over 1000 contracts world-wide with testimonials across the globe. With over 26 years of training and consulting experience in the Technology and Defense sectors, Shawnee has developed TechWise into a recognized transformational military consulting firm.  She is most recognized for her success in aligning US Military strategy with the United Arab Emirates and leading a team of over 250 retired US military officers to develop strategy in the middle east.  As if being a woman leading a defense industry consulting firm were not enough, Shawnee pushed the expectations and successfully built high level relationships and her company has been recognized repeatedly for their efforts in developing the UAE military strategy through written doctrine.

Unfortunately, during the height of stress in here career, Shawnee was diagnosed with cancer.

While she underwent traditional western cancer treatment, as a problem solver at heart, she was not satisfied without an answer to what was the root cause of her cancer.   She researched and discovered a field of medicine dedicated to helping people discover the root causes of their issues and heal from the inside out.  She was so inspired by her research that she has founded a Functional Medicine Clinic in Colorado Springs.  Her approach is quite different as she takes patients who are eager to learn about the ways they can transform their health by lifestyle changes.  She spends time with each of them as a Wellness Coach after they undergo a thorough assessment from Dr. Pavlovic, the Functional Medicine Doctor who has helped her establish Longevity Care Clinic.

She personally mentors and coaches these patients and has developed a coaching program to grow the numbers of coaches to support the huge demand of patients.   It is forecasted that 15% of all chronic patients want a wellness approach and they just don’t have the access.  Shawnee is working with UC Health, State of Colorado, and the Veterans Affairs to get grants and funding for more people to access these potentially lifesaving functions.  Further, she is developing an app and a research center to collect the data of the improvements on people’s health to be able to submit a new type of evidence to the medical community called “Functional Evidence”.

She wants to be remembered for making a difference in protecting peoples’ freedom and access to preventative healthcare and wellness.  “I can see TechWise performing in the Defense Medical Space and Longevity as a name recognized across the nation for helping people discover their root causes and improve their lives through Functional Medicine and Lifestyle modifications”.  We are developing a Comprehensive Wellness Guide Program to assist coaches with a methodology to help people sort through the mountains of information and implement with customizable roadmaps to lead them down paths to wellness.  Our ultimate goal is for quality lifespan averages for our clients to increase while decreasing the cost of medicine.

Shawnee will be honored at the Titan 100 awards on July 22nd, 2021 at “The Vehicle Vault” located in Parker, Colorado.  The Vehicle Vault is a unique and beautiful 20,000+ square foot gallery that houses a collection of rare and exotic automobiles from all over the world.  This special cocktail-style awards event will gather 100 Titans of Industry for an evening unlike anything that exists in the Colorado business community.

“Congratulations to the Titan 100 winners. On behalf of the partners and associates at Wipfli, we are honored not only to support Titan100 program but to recognize and celebrate these unique leaders and their accomplishments. Your vision, leadership and passion for the work you do inspires us and is critical to building a strong community here in Colorado. Each of you have built something bigger than yourself, and we look forward to seeing what new adventures you take on and successes you achieve,” said Pete Aden, Partner and Rocky Mountains Market Leader at Wipfli.

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