Anyone struggling with chronic illness and seeking a holistic approach to their health; this blog is for you! I only eat organic fruits and vegetables. I don’t eat wheat and try to avoid breads, pastas, and all gluten. I have dramatically decreased my meat consumption from 3x a day to only once per day and I eat fish 5x a week with 2 days a week to choose from beef, turkey, chicken, or pork.

I now have more energy because I never eat fast food. EVER. I try to avoid food with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics. When you watch the videos and read the books, you will understand why, but believe me they are full of toxins and are killing us. Finding restaurants to eat at is difficult, so I mostly cook at home.

Best way to regulate your endocrine system is to eat healthy fats. They are the most important things in your diet. Avoid low fat diets and saturated fats. Choose unsaturated fats and omega fatty acids. This will help with your hormones, which is the main function of your endocrine system.

Following a Mediterranean or Paleo style of diet are some of the diets for prevention of chronic disease including cancer. Generally, this diet avoids all trans fats, minimizes saturated fat and increases omega 3 fatty acids (cold water fish, flaxseed, soybeans, and greens). Additionally, for (breast) cancer prevention and overall good health…Each day eat: 5 servings of vegetables, 4 servings of fruits, 3 servings WHOLE grains, 2 servings calcium rich foods such as vegetable protein and a few nuts. Following this regime will improve your digestion.

I avoid whole grains and probably eat one serving instead of three as I am aware that the grains covert to sugar and is yet another way to feed cancer. Many things in health and nutrition are about keeping the body in balance. I also am trying to reduce my BMI by increasing muscle and lowering fat so reducing grains helps with that as well. I substitute the grains with more vegetables to help reduce my estrogen.

Eat more:

Cruciferous Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage), eat 5-7 servings daily. These vegetables are specifically recommended for breast cancer prevention:

  • Blueberries, walnuts, green leafy vegetables-the darker in color the richer in nutrients
  • Use marinade with vinegar or lemon, precook meats and grill for just a few minutes at the end of cooking cutting off charred portions of food. Charring vegetables is not known to be carcinogenic.
  • Eat 1-3 servings of soy whole food daily. The phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) in soy are much weaker than those your body makes, and it binds to estrogen receptors therefore diminishing the estrogen your own body would normally make. However, do not take soy or isoflavone supplements or eat any processed foods with soy or isoflavone.
  • Medicinal mushrooms-eating Turkey Tail, shiitake, maitake, reishi as a food can help boost the immune system.


  • Aspartame and MSG-these can act like neurotransmitters to stimulate the nervous system and worsen pain. Trans-fats Foods that are contaminated with pesticides and herbicides.
  • Avoid processed foods – Shop the perimeter of the supermarket—this keeps you closer to fresh/whole food and away from processed. Processed foods contain ingredients that are inflammatory and, therefore, worsen pain and increase risk of chronic disease—particularly sugar, salt, and chemicals.
  • Avoid sugar and everything that turns into sugars in your body that doesn’t provide a bigger health benefit: bread, pasta, crackers
  • Healthy fat: olive oil for salads and low temperature cooking, avocado oil for higher temperature cooking.