Building a Vibrant Life & Longevity

Are you looking for a comprehensive, holistic approach to your longevity?
Are you frustrated or overwhelmed with fatigue, having digestive issues, struggling with your weight, or experiencing pain?
It shouldn’t be so hard to get and stay well.

At Longevity, we understand and are here to help.
We have answers.

Executive Health Program

Are you an overachiever? Have you built your career on accomplishing things that others struggle with? Have you found yourself at a stage where you are beginning to be concerned about your wellness?

If not now, when?

Continue to make a difference by maintaining your energy, mood, physical fitness, and immunity. Lead with life and vibrancy!

Discover your internal health and potential root causes of dysfunction and improve your longevity.

Elevate Your Treatment. Empower Your Health.

We have a thorough intake process to provide the doctor with a complete medical history. We want to know everything going on inside that we can assess. We may order additional testing to further evaluate the health of patients gut microbiome, hormonal imbalances, genetics, nutritional absorption, etc. These tests combined with our years of experience, help us identify and treat the illness. While our doctor may prescribe medications for symptoms, we also use multiple therapies to help our patients improve their health with a goal of healing the root issue.

Live Healthier and Longer

At Longevity Care Clinic we know you want to live a healthy and full life.

In order to do that, you need comprehensive support that takes into account your individual health goals: you want and deserve lasting results. You may be experiencing fatigue, poor digestion, discomfort, extra weight, and it can be frustrating that your health may impact your future and hold you back. There is an overwhelming amount of information about health and wellness–it shouldn’t be so hard to find answers and get and stay well. We understand how hard your health journey has been; but you don’t have to do it alone anymore. Our team of doctors, nutritionists, and therapists dig deep with a personalized investigative approach. We focus on discovering the root cause of your health issues so you can take control of your life.

So, Book a Consult today, and get our guide on how to reset your health. So you can stop letting your health hold you back and embrace the path to a long and vibrant life.

1. Get to Know You

Your health deserves a deep investigation. Through better testing and consultation, we receive a more accurate picture of your current internal health.

2. Build a Personalized Plan

Relationships are the key. We tailor your care and treatment to clean up the obstacles blocking your wellness.

3. Regenerate Your Health

Revitalizing your health starts at the cellular level. Our Longevity community and team of experts provide the support you need to transform your health.

Elevate Your Treatment. Empower Your Health.

Detox & Rejuvenating Maintenance Membership 

Focus on detoxing and cellular regeneration with our package. This package will apply multiple approaches to help you reduce inflammation with is the root cause of so many dysfunctions. This package includes our infrared treatments, Bio-frequency with sound therapy, and foot soaks all focused on a general cleanse, immune building, elimination of toxins, and a general body tune up. This package is good for anyone who needs to eliminate toxins, cleanse to assist with healing, pain, and inflammation. We will customize a plan that is best for you that includes one treatment per week or 4 per month -your preference.

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I am a 75 year old grandma that suffers from arthritis in my back and legs. I received a Far-infrared treatments from a family member for Christmas. I did the treatment on my backside including my shoulders, back, hips and legs for 20 minutes and repeated the procedure on the top side, 20 minutes as well. It felt so good and relaxing. The next morning I was amazed at the results. My arthritis pain was greatly reduced (maybe by 50%). In the past it had been so very difficult to get out of bed without a lot of pain. That morning it was like a miracle. I was able to get out of bed with little effort. I was so excited I could not wait to tell everyone about the wonderful results.

So now 2 weeks later I am still feeling great with little back pain. I can truly say it has helped with my arthritis pain. So thankful for the far-infrared treatment!!

Norma Mann, Infrared Therapy

A great place for anyone to visit! If you’re are trying to better yourself and your health this is a must. You’ll gain knowledge and power through all the offerings they provide. The IV therapy was one of my favorite experiences among the various options. Check it out!!!

Nic Miller, IV Nutrition

I treated myself to a day of healing therapies for my arthritis and back pain. The bio frequency mat was so relaxing, and I felt better. I was amazed at how many toxins came out of my feet during the foot soak. The infrared session provided immediate relief for my arthritis. Dr. P. was very personable, knowledgeable, and his recommendations were perfect. I will return often!

Amie Kelly, Biofrequency & Detox Foot Bath

I learned so much during my visit to Longevity. The infrared treatment was magical and I can’t wait to start my green smoothie regimen. Dr. P and Shawnee are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I’ll definitely be coming back.

Kerry Siggins, Infrared Therapy

Walked in today to the newest Wellness Center in the Rocky Mountains. Not only beautiful – but full of passionate approaches to wellness. Booking my appointments as we speak. I am excited to continue a innovative and focused approach to health. Well done Shawnee and staff!!!

Kelly Coumatos

Doctor Pavlovic is a true professional within the realm of health solutions and alternatives. Happy to have found his practice!!

Kym Palomba

Shawnee, Dr. Pav, and the team at Longevity provided an awesome welcome to their clinic. I love the perspective on health and wellness that they embody, and can’t wait to see what their journey brings. Colorado Springs is lucky to have you!

Tessa Lowenstein