Lifestyle Transformation Retreat

1 Day | $500 | Nutrition | Detox Immunity

Join us at the Lifestyle Transformation Retreat where we integrate the fundamentals of our 6 pillars of longevity. The education will consist of regeneration, nutrition, building immunity, fitness, mind-body and lifestyle choices.

  • Learn how environmental toxins such as metals and plastics are contributing to our bodies toxic load and can be a catalyst for chronic conditions.
  • Learn about healthier choices in cleaning supplies, body care, and common items we come in contact with daily.
  • How to get organized and making shopping fun. Learn the basis of the grocery store and the layout of nutritious foods. Structure of the shopping list and when to get the best values for natural and organic foods. Learn how to shop organically as a pro and have fun doing it.
  • Education on Nutrition Introducing proper nutrition will lead to a long and healthy adventure. We will learn the importance of organic foods, herbs, hormone free, grass fed, and wild caught, soy, corn, and benefits for a healthy gut.
  • Hands on Cooking Class -You will learn hands on cooking techniques as well as gain information on foods and recipes focused on balanced meals.
  • Immunity boosting through simple daily detoxing and energy boosting therapies.
  • Learn how to choose the right water filtration, water bottles, and the importance of the right water.
  • Take charge of your fitness with a fitness challenge and set goals related to your fitness health.
  • Learn about meditation and stress relief through a guided meditation and resources to keep meditating in a fast paced world.
  • Book recommendations