Longevity Vibrant Life Retreat

3 Days | $1,800 | Recharge | Luxurious | Personalized Lifestyle Reset

You deserve to treat yourself.  What is more important than your health?  This is the premium longevity retreat.  Our three-day retreat will give you the opportunity to calm the mind, reset your health, and achieve incredible results. The program will begin on Monday where you will enjoy an active daily schedule that includes instructor-led group exercise classes, sunrise yoga, daily educational seminars and inspired Culinary Medicine cuisine. While attending this retreat you will learn about the importance of your gut microbiome, fitness, nutrition, mind-body connection and hormone balance to increase immunity for you and your loved ones.

You will be totally immersed in a signature Longevity program. The week will include cooking classes, organic gardening tips, organic wines, and education on where to buy all organic and natural foods. We will discuss hormone imbalance, stress management, and mind/body health.  You will learn the importance of purification and detoxification and experience a variety of detox methods from skin brushing, sauna, infrared, regenerative foot baths, Bio frequency, and much more. You will be pampered with massages as you learn why organic skincare and body care are so important. Expect to maximize your results by feeling stronger, gaining physical endurance, clearing the mind, and recalibrating your overall health. Improved immunity and Longevity are our goals with this week-long retreat.

Our highly knowledgeable health supportive staff will tend to your every need and is trained in all aspects of mind-body, fitness, nutrition, immunity boosting, hormone balancing, and detoxification to support and nurture you, while guiding you to achieve your personal lifestyle goals.

You will be assigned a wellness coach who will follow your progress for 90 days after the retreat to help you with lifestyle changes once you return home.  This total package retreat offers you the best in education, experiences, and follow up.

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