Kelly Calabrese


Kelly Calabrese has been in Functional Medicine for over 16 years as an Integrative/Biochemical Nutritionist. Kelly used Functional Medicine to resolve her own health issues and went back to school after not being in school for 20 years. She earned her Master’s Degree from Indiana University in Sports Medicine and Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Her Medical/ Nutrition education and training was earned from University of Colorado. She has extensive training in Endocrinology, Immunology, and Neurology. Kelly taught Nutrition to the Nursing and Nutrition majors at Pikes Peak Community College and taught for 8 years. She is the author of Nutrition Diagnostics-Healing Through Empowerment. She created a 7 credit hour CEC approved education program for Health and Nutrition professionals as well. She is a United States Tennis Official and referees throughout the state of Colorado.

Kelly’s previous career of 25 years was Professional Fitness Training and combines both careers to offer unique awareness and guidance to help her patients live a vibrant, energetic life…pain free, medication free, surgery free and disease free. Kelly provides real solutions to real health problems. She is your “friendly neighborhood health detective!”

She educates patients on how to live a vibrant, vital, energetic, and healthy life by addressing the imbalances of the biochemistry. She is a specialist in getting to the root cause of one’s health problems. The integrative/biochemical nutritionist assesses a person’s nutritional deficiencies to achieve normal physiological function.  Physical signs, laboratory tests, and nutritional/lifestyle awareness are used to determine an educational approach that will benefit the patient.