Shawnee Starr

Longevity Quality of Life Advocate & Founder

Shawnee Starr is the founder of Longevity. Her personal passion for Longevity stems from her personal journey through Breast Cancer and her proactive approach to avoiding cancer recurrence by focusing on healing the root cause of her disease. She has taken her 25 years of experience in transformational leadership with TechWise (the parent company) and focusing on transforming the medical community by integrating complimentary services aligned with functional medicine. She developed a methodology that is aligned with a body of knowledge and scientific approaches to help patients understand the lifestyle enhancements that can be incorporated to obtain a healthier life.

Shawnee Starr is the founder and CEO of the TechWise Group of Companies and the Founder and Quality of Life Advocate of Longevity. She grew up in Texas and graduated from Baylor University in Computer Science. She has combined her skills at analytical problem solving and her passion for building high performing teams to create an International Group of Companies helping companies and individuals improve performance.

She has led teams across the world focused on analyzing problems related to capability development, corporate efficiencies, human learning, and retention. Her companies have delivered on over 1000 contracts worldwide with testimonials across the globe. With over 20 years of training and consulting experience in the Technology and Defense sectors, Shawnee has developed TechWise into a recognized integrator and management consulting firm and now is on a mission with Longevity Care Clinic to help individuals transform and implement lifestyle changes to ultimately help people live healthier lives.