Cold weather can put extra stress on our cardiovascular system but shouldn’t leave you cold-hearted. Winter won’t last forever, and these stretches of cold weather are just moments that will soon pass. And although it can also increase your chances of getting sick, cooler weather can also benefit your health by reducing inflammation and soreness. Studies have found that athletes exposed to freezing temperatures recovered faster from their workouts,  sustained endurance exercises, and burnt more calories. You’ll also be happy to know that cold weather positively affects your metabolism by breaking down the blood sugar and fat molecules to create heat and keep your body temperature regulated. 

Face the frosty air and boost our immune system naturally to prevent sickness and disease properly. The common cold is an infection of the throat and nose, and although it might not feel that way, it can be harmless and should not last longer than ten days. We all know the symptoms of a common cold consist of a runny nose, congestion, sore throat, a light fever, and just not feeling 100%. Luckily there are a few ways to deal with a common cold naturally. Let’s have a look at them:

Heated water

Even though a hot shower won’t kill a virus, it can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms related to the virus. Warm steam relieves chest congestion and nasty headaches you may experience, top it up with aromatherapy peppermint oil, treat your coughs and colds, reduce your pain, improve mental function, and reduce stress.

Make Japanese Water Therapy part of your daily routine, it involves drinking hot or warm water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up to cleanse the digestive system and regulate gut health, which can heal various illnesses. Or maybe enjoy a warm drink with lemon and ginger. Ginger can help alleviate pain and strengthen your immune system and is also very soothing for a cough. Clear broth or warm lemon water with honey helps loosen congestion and prevent dehydration.

Close your eyes

Your body needs lots of rest to recover and reset, and sleep helps your immune system function best to ward off nasty viruses and bacteria. Limiting screen time is also not just for kids; you must give yourself a break from the screen regularly, as excess use can result in poor sleep because the light from the screen alerts your brain and make it difficult for you to unwind. The superficial dopamine reward you get from your smartphone can be so intense that it can cause addictive behavior. Lastly, if you are constantly checking your device, you’re probably not going out and getting the fresh air you need or exercising, weakening your immune system. 

Good old Vitamin C

It hasn’t been proven that Vit C prevents cold symptoms, but some studies have shown that it can shorten the duration of a cold. Plus, it boosts your overall health, including your immune system. You can get Vit C through your diet, and the fresher the foods, the better. Think more of oranges than orange juice, and don’t overdo it on the vitamin supplements, as it can lead to an upset stomach.

Ionic Detox

The Ionic foot bath detoxifies your body and helps improve your overall health. Using Himalayan salt, copper tubs, low currents, and essential oils, these relaxing foot baths help your body improve circulation, reduce stress, and improve joint stiffness. It can help with conditions such as asthma, allergies, and arthritis. The process uses osmosis to clear the way for lymphatic circulation. Together with organic essential oils, it helps the body rid itself of toxins. With each treatment, the body releases what it is ready to let go of. The body’s energetic field is stimulated, and cells may release toxins into the lymphatic system. The natural elimination system may remove the waste that is not released.

Clean Eating

Clean eating focuses on consuming whole foods that are minimally processed and as close to their natural form as possible; knowing what is in your food is crucial and cooking for yourself is an easy way to control what goes in and stays out of your body. This means you’ll prepare more meals at home and rely less on store-bought items, which could save you money. Embracing a clean eating plan is a simple and effective way to lose weight and boost your overall health. Incorporating clean eating with a detox will leave you feeling more energetic and focused. 

We offer a 7-Day Detox Program designed to assist in the balance activity of the body’s detoxification processes. This program is recommended for clients who want to focus on healing, preventing and recovering from chronic conditions. With a combination of Detox Support Supplements formulated to contain selected ingredients to enhance the activities of hepatic detoxification enzymes and support healthy detoxification pathways, Heavy Metal Cleanser, which includes key elements that support the metabolism and detoxification of heavy metals, and Detox Powder is an easily digestible dietary supplement with well-tolerated rice protein, provides whole-body support.

Because people feel so fabulous post-detox, most choose to continue including some of the healthy lifestyle and dietary changes that the detox introduced to them. Head on over to the  Longevity Care Clinic and come meet other health-focused people. Schedule your appointment so we can give you personalized treatment. Say yes to your body today!