Shawnee Starr is a proud mother of 3. Her boys Pax, Caden, and McCoy Huckstep were born and raised in Colorado Springs and enjoy playing sports like Football, Basketball, and Tennis together.  They hike, bike, and compete with each other in board games, and take opportunities to learn acceptance and grow their cultural perspective through international travel.   With the exception of the 3 years when the family lived abroad while standing up the International Branch of her business, the boys have attended Cheyenne Mountain School District.  She actually moved to District 12 in 2004 when her oldest was beginning kindergarten so her expanding family could attend the schools here.

Shawnee was born and raised in the cowboy capital of the world, Stephenville Texas. She moved to Colorado Springs in 1995 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Baylor University. She owns and operates two businesses she has established and headquartered here in Colorado Springs, TechWise and Longevity.

TechWise, was established in 1994.   TechWise has a long successful history in the defense contracting and transformation business. As CEO of TechWise, Shawnee is a respected mentor, visionary, and leader who is responsible for TechWise-Worldwide. Shawnee grew TechWise to multiple locations in North America and the Middle East. Shawnee’s positive attitude, determination, and superb leadership skills allowed her business to thrive in some of the toughest and most male dominated industries.

In the Spring of 2019 Shawnee was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Unsatisfied with the western standard of care approach to cancer as being the entire answer, she started a quest to truly understand what was the root cause of her cancer. Leaving no stone unturned and a special focus on the “miracle” recoveries of people that had had similarly severe diseases. She has managed to find the overlaps, the core points, adopt the mentalities, and take paramount action.

She made it her life’s mission to eliminate the cause of her cancer in order to be able to live a long and happy life. With the love and support of her family and community paired with countless changes to her lifestyle, diet, and mindset, Shawnee was able to make a full recovery and feels more vibrant and full of energy and a quest to help others do the same.

By understanding the dysfunction inside her body through some cutting-edge functional medicine tests, Shawnee realized that she had a gut and hormonal imbalance and has been able to focus on correcting the root cause of her cancer.  Fixing these imbalances along with integrating stress reduction techniques, detoxification, and a focus on building her immune system has led her to have ZERO circulating tumor cells and restoring her internal wellness to that well above her wildest dreams.   She looks, feels, and operates better, stronger and healthier than ever before.

Shawnee is grateful for her prior experiences in business transformation, world travel, and the opportunity to experience a blend of Eastern and Western medical care.  Through these experiences and her determination, she is on a mission to help others become their own health care advocates through her new business Longevity.

Her newest venture, Longevity, (  is a health and wellness company with Complimentary and Functional Medicine based approach that specializes in treating disease by addressing the root cause. She plans to open on January 1, 2021, and will have her first clinic in our own area – right on 21st street by Bear Creek Park. One of the differentiators of her program is her immersive retreats focusing to help individuals and families turn around their health.

Shawnee and her boys have always supported local and international organizations focusing on educating youth, fitness, and helping the less fortunate.    Shawnee is also starting a non-profit to focus on wellness research, offer portals of information that is easy to find, and developing technology platforms to help people transitioning to wellness keep track of the lifestyle changes.

Shawnee has focused the family time around fitness and cooking while hosting active sports related events for her kids and their friends at their home.  As a family, they now spend a good bit of time preparing healthy meals.  Shawnee often hosts educational cooking events at her home for neighbors and friends on canning, dehydrating, cooking with less sugar, making kombucha, etc.   Her boys are learning along with her on how to make the lifestyle changes to promote their longevity as well.

Around town, Shawnee’s favorites are spending time at the Broadmoor club with fitness classes and friends.  She and a friend are often caught hiking any of the amazing trails, finding new health friendly restaurants (ones that offer hormone free- wild caught meats and organic vegetables), supporting the arts by attending live performances and encouraging youth through these programs.  She loves biking, dancing, and sharing her story.  If she is ever alone, she is usually listening to motivational podcasts and audiobooks- always learning.

We are truly blessed to have a woman, mother, and leader as positive and inspirational as Shawnee right here in our Broadmoor community.