After a 2 year period of an incredible stress from divorce, financial difficulties, and loneliness, I found my cancer. I had stage 2 Breast Cancer that had spread into my lymph nodes. I was scared, alone, and struggling with my life and the path I was heading down.

The diagnoses was a lot to swallow, and as far as moving forward, there was much to consider. I felt limited by my insurance and struggled finding information on what I could do in addition to the Standard Medical Care to best prevent cancer recurrence.   The helpless feelings and fear of death drove me to take action.  Through my biopsy, I was able to find out all about my type of cancer and the diagnosis, but I didn’t find out what could possibly be causing this.

I spent most of my time reading, researching, discussing, and testing.   I found information about functional tests that were scientific, however not yet integrated to the narrow network of Health providers covered by my insurance.  I decided my health was worth a few hundred dollars and ordered these tests as they were impressive with the level of details that could be found and they addressed newer fields of science such as figuring out my food intolerances and deeper analytics of my hormones, genetics, and nutritional absorption than I had ever received.  I compiled these results, found out of network physicians to interpret these findings and help me understand the potential root causes of my cancer.

What did I find out? I had genetic mutations that made it hard for me to methylate metals.  I had a high toxic load in my body of metals and plastics.  I had estrogen dominance, high cortisol levels, and dangerously low levels of absorption of some core vitamins.

It was interesting as I had been taking multivitamins for years and ate many of the items that provide those same vitamins that were low.  Then, I did tests of my gut microbiome and a whole new universe of information was available to me.  I found out that I had Leaky Gut and that even thought I was eating the right nutrition; my gut was not absorbing the nutrients due to a gluten and dairy intolerance.  I had significant inflammation which was the likely culprit for some thyroid issues that I had been living with all my life and some food allergies.  I found my root causes.

Now the easy part.  Wrong.  The information that I was so interested in was overwhelming!   I sought out a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Organic Farmer, and Vegan Chef to help me figure out what to and how to implement.  Basically, I compiled all these reports to figure out how do I heal my gut, how do I eliminate the foods and environmental toxins that cause my inflammation, how do I provide myself with the nutrition it needs, and quit polluting my body, what supplements should I take, and what benefits could I receive from relaxing.

I was already exercising so I modified my weekly routine to incorporate these other elements that would contribute to my longevity and I followed it.  List of resources that I needed, budget, and action plan for how to implement.  Following it was actually easier than compiling it and figuring it out.  It took a few months, but I did it!

There is nothing better than someone who hasn’t seen me in a while saying – “hey, you look better than ever!  Didn’t you have cancer?  Why do you look so good?   What did you do?”

I am thrilled to also say that through my six pillars of longevity, I have been able to naturally decrease my hormone and cortisol levels, increase my absorption of vitamins, and reduce my inflammation and gut dysbiosis.   My root causes are healing, and I feel better than I ever have.  I have simple blood tests regularly that show that I have ZERO circulating tumor cells and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

I am a breast cancer survivor who has transformed my personal life and health based upon lifestyle choices centered around my 6 pillars of longevity. I was passionate about discovering the root cause of my cancer and heal the source through wellness. I had no idea at the time that my transformation would touch so many lives and have such an impact on my overall health and vitality. I am proud to say that I am healthy and thriving and passionate about sharing my journey to mentor, coach, and enthusiast and encourage others to lead a vibrant and healthy life. I would love to speak with you if you are on a cancer or wellness journey. In search of the root cause of your chronic issue.

Since my healing, I have more energy than ever.   I have been taking Functional Medicine classes and continue learning and discovering new complementary therapies to help me detox, repair, and ultimately heal.    I have lived through a vast myriad of experiences and am here to share my time and insights.

I have found a community of clean eaters, nutrition junkies, fitness enthusiasts, and passionate therapists that help people with detoxification, relaxation, and treatments.  I have never felt so loved and supported in all my life than I do in this community.

My life is by no means stress free, however the love and support I receive is enough to lift me up.   I am stronger than ever.  Cancer brought me back to who I am, only better.  I am a woman who thrives in meaningful work and ready to make an impact on our healthcare and wellness.   Breast Cancer gave me a new focus and passion – a new problem to take on and solve.  I am grateful and thankful for this wake-up call for it has truly saved my life!

I am worth it.   I deserve all that life has to offer.