When it comes to those plump areas around your body that you’d instead want to lose in your sleep, using terms such as round, chubby, or jelly-belly doesn’t hide the fact that fat is fat, and you need to get rid of it. If you have tried numerous diets and exercises but still struggle, HD Body Contouring or Fun Sculpting should be the solution you’ve been looking for, as it offers next-level visual effects. This delicate procedure is the only way to permanently remove fat cells through tiny incisions made in specific areas to vacuum the fat out and conveniently performed safely in our office.

Fat cells are distributed in the body when a person reaches hormonal maturity so that you won’t get more fat cells after adolescence. Looking at the four types of fat cells, brown fat and fat beige sit between the skin and muscle and keep you warm; this is the fat extracted during the minimally invasive procedure. The subcutaneous and visceral white fat is the most complex and most dangerous to get rid of. Subcutaneous fat is the source of your jelly belly and is linked to heart disease, and visceral fat sits below the muscles to protect the body’s inner organs. When you lose or gain weight, fat cells will contract or expand.

With the gentle HD Body Contouring procedure, the fat cells will get separated from the fascia wall and permanently removed, which will be measurable and visible in the contour of the treated area. You will literally see the fat vanish from your body as excessive skin folds with large volumes of fat get removed and tighten up during recovery, immediately losing 2-5 inches off the waist area with one treatment. With minimal downtime!

The vibration of the Fun Sculpting device gently removes the fat while keeping all of the connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels unharmed while you are awake the entire time. The great news is that it helps activate the production of collagen (natural skin tightening) up to six months post-treatment, and you get immediate results that only improve over time. 

The desired results will be evident after 60 days when fully healed, and walking is encouraged as soon as possible to support lymphatic movement and healing. Unfortunately, inconsistencies of your skin that are present before the procedure (such as stretch marks) can not necessarily be removed with your HD Body Contouring procedure. Layer this procedure with  HIFEM sculpting treatment to tone up muscles and be fully swimsuit ready! 

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