Vibrant Life Comprehensive Membership

Vibrant Life Comprehensive Membership $750.00 down, $399.00/month for a minimum of 12 months

How It Works:

With Longevity, you will learn how to transform your health.


  1. Our Regeneration and Longevity testing package to evaluate and recommend ways to build your immune system and improve your health to its optimal level.
  2. Ideal weight testing package to evaluate hormones along with in depth analysis of nutritional absorption to recommend individualized roadmap for weight management.
  3. Advanced Testing available at discounted pricing

Physician appointments

  1. Vibrant Life comprehensive intake including holistic assessment of past medical history, physical examination, and current lifestyle and health goals.
  2. Physician consultation to discuss the root cause of your issues based upon the intake and  2 of our testing packages mentioned above
  3. Six month follow-up
  4. Annual physician consult


Nutritionist consultation to prepare a plan based upon your testing and root cause analysis

IV Nutrition Sessions

  1. Rejuvenating High C IV Nutritional therapy (1)
  2. B Smart and Energetic IV Nutritional therapy (1)

Physical Fitness

  1. Consultation with a physical trainer to set goals and determine a fitness routine for your health goals
  2. Osteopathic Manipulations (2)


  1. 5 Day Fasting kit (1)
  2. Monthly online Building Immunity workshops (12)
  3. Targeted Immunity Booster IV Nutrition (1)
  4. Supplementation Consultation (1)


  1. Detox Foot Bath (12)
  2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage (4)
  3. Stress Relief and Detox IV Nutrition (1)


Attend the Lifestyle Transformation Retreat -8 hours of education.  Learn about the links between nutrition and disease, toxins, and how to heal.

Mind & Body

Monthly therapies  -60 minute therapy per month of your choice to include any of our massages or reiki (8)


Cellular regeneration therapy education and recommendations

  1. Auricular acupuncture (1)
  2. PEMF (4)
  3. Bio frequency (4)
  4. Infrared (4)

Testing Add-Ons

Autoimmune Panel $595

Cancer Panel $1,995

Comprehensive Panel $1,995

Immunity Discovery Panel $400

*Longevity Care Clinic partners with Home Call Medical and accepts most insurances for primary care visits. Primary care visits are available to members only. 


  1. Look and Feel Better.
  2. Improve Digestion, Nutritional Absorption, Mood, Sleep, and Libido
  3. Learn how to consistently direct your time and energy to achieve the results that you desire.
  4. Be confident in knowing that you have the ability to feel good every day.
  5. Create strategies that will evolve with your life transitions that support your total health and
  6. Learn how to take care of yourself to maintain resiliency, vitality, and strength through a healthy lifestyle.