Why Holistic Medicine is Right for All Ages!

I want to start off by introducing myself. My name is Lila Klingman and I am the Sales & Marketing Manager at Longevity Care Clinic. I graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a concentration in Biomedical Sciences.

There are several motivations that led me to become a biomedical student in the first place. About eight years ago, when I was just starting high school, I found out that I had an extensive amount of food allergies, which ultimately led me to changing my entire diet and made me very interested in nutrition and the types of things we put in our bodies. Fast forward to the beginning of my college career in which I spent my first semester attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I began college as a Nutrition major, but quickly found out that I wasn’t interested in being a dietitian and making meal plans for a living, but rather, I was intrigued by the science behind why our bodies respond to different foods the way they do. During this time, I fell really ill with a septic staph infection and unfortunately received very poor health care. I was on my own and, at the time, I wasn’t really knowledgeable in terms of how to advocate for proper care. I was misdiagnosed time and time again, which made me even more compelled to gain my own knowledge about the medical field and medical sciences. To add to this, I underwent about six back-to-back rounds of antibiotics, which was very detrimental to my gut microbiome.

I made the decision to transfer to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs following my first semester of college, which is where I changed my major from Nutrition to Biology. That decision proved to be very challenging, but even more rewarding. About two years into college, I discovered that I had Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, a nerve entrapment in my left arm. To avoid surgery, I started seeing a holistic therapist & doctor. Throughout that therapy, I learned the importance of controlling stress and controlling inflammation in the body. Most importantly though, I realized how interconnected every aspect of the body is. I found out how to heal my gut microbiome and that was a big part of the equation that completely transformed my health from day-to-day. I started taking fiber and probiotics religiously every single day. I also started eating raw, fermented sauerkraut every night. It might sound gross, but believe it or not, when your body is out of balance, it craves the nutrients that are lacking, and they actually taste good!

I have faced many challenges throughout my life and specifically with my health, but I don’t think I would be where I am if I hadn’t. Everything to this point has motivated me to help people the way that I sometimes wish I had been helped, which ultimately led me to where I am now. Longevity has the best team and I feel overly lucky to have found such a wonderful community to be a part of. Everyone on this team is dedicated to helping individuals heal from the inside out and live a healthy & vibrant life.

If I hadn’t sought out a different approach to my healthcare, I firmly believe that my health wouldn’t be in optimal condition, I wouldn’t have met the amazing people that make up Longevity, and I wouldn’t be able to help people to my full potential.