Join Us for the Longevity Care Clinic Open House

Join us at the Longevity Care Clinic as we host our Open House and The Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce for an evening of networking, food, wine, and education!

Double Feature with speakers!!

  • Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy.
  • Overview of Weight loss solutions that work.

You will be the first to see our new Compounding Lab and get an interactive tour of the clinic.

Our agenda for the evening:

  • 5:00p – Welcome & registration
  • 5:30p – Opening remarks
  • 6:00p – Host / venue tour
  • 6:30p – Prize drawings

The Longevity Functional Medicine Difference

Our Founders, Dr. Pavlovic and Shawnee Starr are deeply invested in the concept of helping individuals improve their health in a sustainable way that addresses the root cause of disease and helps them heal and recover so that they can live a life of optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Pavlovic D.O. has years of experience in functional medicine and chiropractic care. He spent many years as a Director of Hospice, where he refined his bedside manner and gained compassion for those in pain. Dr. Pavlovic witnessed firsthand how traditional medicine failed patients and recognized the missed opportunities to turn their health around using alternative medicine. Today, Dr. Pavlovic is on a mission, fueled by his experiences, compassion, and understanding to combine cutting-edge technology and holistic medicine so his patients can enjoy life to the fullest in optimal health.

Shawnee Starr is a Motivational Educator and Lifestyle Coach. Her most motivating role is as a breast cancer survivor who healed herself through unconventional means. Shawnee centered her healing around lifestyle change, reducing her intake of toxins, ensuring her hormones were balanced, improving her nutritional absorption, and reducing her stress levels. These methods allowed her to heal, regenerate, and thrive. Today she wears the crown of a breast cancer survivor with pride.

These two individuals come together as a powerhouse duo, looking to help others who are ready to take the next step and commit to a healthier lifestyle and wellness plan, with the outcome being optimal health and longevity. Working alongside a team of nutritionists, therapists, and doctors, they treat various health concerns and chronic diseases by combining functional & holistic medicine.

If you are ready to invest in your overall health and longevity, reach out and schedule a consultation today. Learn about our practice, providers, and our treatment philosophy to establish a line of care. Our lab evaluations are customized to the individual needs of each patient. We test for micronutrients, mycotoxins, and much more. At Longevity, you will receive a comprehensive diagnostic workup to understand the root cause of what is ailing you and, together with our medical staff, decide on the best form of treatment.