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From detoxing plans, IV nutrition, cellular regeneration, aesthetic medicine, and comprehensive wellness programs, we have the treatments that are right for you.

The Longevity Challenge

Looking for a well-thought-out way to improve your health without much time researching what to do?

Ever worry that you know you should lose a few pounds but don’t have the time?

Have you identified with someone with a horrible health issue like cancer or stroke, and you think, wow, that could be me?

Need someone who understands how busy you are and you can trust with your health?

If you said yes, to any of these questions, join the Longevity challenge!  In approximately one hour a week for a year, we can help you transform your health and body.

Lose the Weight and Keep it off!

  • Prevent Disease
  • Restored Energy
  • Increase Libido
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
  • Improved Mood
  • Increased Muscle Tone
  • Reduce the Inflammation

Longevity offers Predictive Disease Analysis, Weight Loss, General Practice, Sports Medicine,  Sexual Health, Anti-aging, Immunity building, Nutritionist consults, Continuous glucose monitoring, Metabolic resets, Detox programs, and much more…all in a concierge practice.   Our phlebotomist can come to you for testing, many of our appointments are available online, and we focus on making your health a priority by offering implementable plans that target 60 minutes per week.  In our one-hour weekly customized program, you get coaching, therapies, consultations, and the support you need to jumpstart your health!  Feel better than you ever thought you could. 

The Longevity Approach

Predictive Disease Analysis and Prevention
After 15 years of seeing patients struggle with health and adding on expensive and often harmful pharmaceuticals, surgeries, and additional issues leading to decline, I decided that I had to try a different approach.  I wanted to create a clinic that I would go to for my healthcare, so I quit my traditional physician job and co-founded Longevity.  I am offering a complementary approach to the traditional systems by helping people discover the health issues and try to fix the root cause of the issue so they can live healthy and vibrant lives.

The excellent news is that medical advances have improved dramatically over the past decade; we now have sophisticated testing, incredible therapies, and treatments available to help us find and treat the root cause of many issues.

Common Issue 1: Obesity: The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a big issue that many of us constantly fight to overcome.  The SAD diet has led to 85% of our population trending towards obesity.  Obesity is one of the leading indicators of diseases such as Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Stroke, and numerous more.   We follow up our system with a year-long program customized to each patient.   Our speaker series also help our patients understand the Lifestyle options that are best for their circumstances and health.

Common Issue 2: Hormonal Imbalance & Aging: Sleep, mood, lack of mental focus, memory, irritability, and low libido are all signs of hormonal imbalance.  Hormonal imbalance is typical, but one of the benefits of modern medicine is that we can restore hormonal balance to preferred levels.   Hormones are protective against disease; they help us sleep better, leading to our bodies repairing faster. Additionally, hormones help regulate serotonin levels which causes us to be happier and increases mental clarity, focus, and libido.  Each patient is unique and needs an experienced provider to help patients balance their hormones and develop their anti-aging plan.

Common Issue 3: Pain & Inflammation: Knees, shoulders, and overall joint-related pains can be significantly improved and repaired through non-surgical approaches like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  PRP embraces the body’s power of regeneration and repair.  Injuries, Pesticides, Toxins, Food intolerances, and Metabolic issues are all culprits of inflammation.   We can help you build your cellular health, detox, and increase nutritional absorption through therapies, supplements, and lifestyle choices.
Come and experience the enthusiasm Shawnee, I, and our staff have for helping people search for balance, longevity, and better health.

Dr. Pavlovic and Shawnee Starr Pavlovic

Take Control of Your Life and Health

We’re here to help you reach your goals.

Weight Loss

Women’s Sexual Health

Men’s Sexual Health

Cellular Rejuvenation

Sports Recovery


IV Therapy

“I learned so much during my visit to Longevity. The infrared treatment was magical and I can’t wait to start my green smoothie regimen. Dr. P and Shawnee are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I’ll definitely be coming back.”

Kerry S.

Conditions We Treat

A wide range of conditions can impact your health and slow you down. No matter your diagnosis, our combination of healing treatments will go deeper so you can treat your health issue at the source and overcome common accompanying complaints like:

Lack of energy

Sleep issues

Depressed mood

Lack of libido

Poor digestion

Lowered immunity

Our Providers

Working as an integrated team, we’ll help treat you and your health while providing continuous support.


Discover the internal components of your health trajectory. Using genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors, we’ll analyze the data to help you create a personalized treatment plan.

Wellness Coach

Resist the pull to old routines and former habits. Your health coach will empower you to make lasting changes that fit your life, on your terms.

Patient Advocate

We know how overwhelming big life changes can be. That’s why your advocate will help you with appointments, treatment, and payment options.

Motivational Educator

Navigating through serious illness for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming. Our Motivational Educator helps you organize your life with helpful education and resources to implement your lifestyle transformation.